Botts Innovative Research, Inc (Botts-Inc) specializes in the design and application of open standards for sensor systems within the intelligence, defense, and scientific communities.




The Botts Innovative Research, Inc. team has extensive experience in the development of open-source software to meet a variety of needs within the sensor communities. This suite of tools includes full applications such as the Space Time Toolkit visualization and analysis environment, operational web services, and SensorML editors and web tools. In addition, the team provides open-source software libraries that can be incorporated into anyone software applications. Most of these are available through Google Code repositories.

Development of some of these tools began while the team was at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) and are currently being maintained by Botts-Inc and others following the dissolution of the VAST team at UAH.

Space Time Toolkit -
An open-source, Java-based, interactive dynamic 3D environment for visualizing and analyzing data from a variety of disparate sources. Utilizes SensorML as a core capability for processing data on-the-fly, at run-time, before being displayed as 3D graphics. Provides support for accessing SWE services for receiving observations and alerts and for tasking sensor and actuator systems. Can also be used on server-side for processing and generating graphics. Depends of many of the libraries listed below. [code repository]

SensorML Process Execution Engine -
In addition to describing sensor systems, SensorML provides a means of describing processes and process chains that can be executed on-demand using one or more execution engines. One such open-source execution engine was developed in Java at UAH and is currently being maintained by Botts-Inc and others. This execution engine is being used within Space Time Toolkit and various web services. [code repository]

SensorML Process Profile Repository and Library -
Profiles of sensors and processes can be developed for various communities or applications. For executable processes, software can also be developed for each atomic process and utilized in conjunctions with the SensorML process execution engine described above. [code repository]

SWE Common Data Parser/Writer Library -
SWE provides a standard means of describing and encoding archived and real-time data streaming between sensor and processing systems. This is through the SWE Common specification which efficiently supports both ASCII and binary data. Botts-Inc along with others maintains an open-source Java library for reading and writing self-describing SWE Common data streams. [code repository]

OWS Service Library -
The Open Web Service (OWS) framework provides common support for web service implements which are based on Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, including the SWE web services. Botts-Inc and others maintain an open-source Java-based API and implementation library for the OWS framework. [code repository]

SensorML Web Tools -
The Botts-Inc team and others are developing and maintaining open source web-based tools in support of SensorML. These include a SensorML document validator, schema browser, and SensorML Tableview ("PrettyView") for human-readable presentation of a SensorML document. [code repository]

SensorML Editor -
Developed under the UAH VAST team and currently maintained by the Botts-Inc team, the SensorML Editor allows one to create SensorML descriptions according to specification without the need to edit XML. The open-source stand-alone software provides a more human-friendly means to provide relevant information and supports SensorML profiles defined in RelaxNG. [code repository]

SWE Android Apps -
Botts-Inc is in the process of developing several open-source "Apps" for the Android-based cell phone market. Most of these will be in support of both inserting and accessing observations into SWE services. These will utilize the array of sensors on-board the Android-based cell phones, as well as support other sensors through the blue-tooth connection.